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United again!

Ah HA!

I have found you!

You'll simply have to forgive me dear sweet flowery journal! I did not mean to bury you with my tulip buds last fall! If I wasn't trying to hide you from that cursed Vexen and his ever more frequent prostate exams...

Ahem... Once again it'd seem that this castle has gotten... shall we say, Vacant... Even that blasted Namine has been shirking her duties lately. My poor Rose bush died from her not watering it.... it was so pretty too. :<

It would seem that against all odds I'm beginning to find my way around this place. Vexen's shiny tools are always at the end of as many down-stairs as I can find... kitchen is somewhere in the middle and the proper place to urinate is on the same level! What a relief to finally not have to use my flower bed or Axel's carpet!

Now that I have my trusty journal back I can return to my ultimate duty.... which was... uh.... crap....

Alright... it's been unusually quiet these last few days now...

I looked in the freak's lab... nothing but shiny bottles and pretty colored liquid. I have to admit, playing mad scientist is kinda nifty, I mean.. mixing the tall skinny container of red stuff with the blue one and making green defies all I learned in kindergarden! No wonder Vexen's eye is constantly on the edge of falling out and dangling from the optic nerve... nothing in his little dungeon thing makes any sense at all!

... I also popped my head into the kitchen sometime around the second day when my tummy couldn't take anymore... No dreadful lock man... and worse.. NO FOOD! :< I tried looking in every cabinet and even the fridge, the eggs were crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside... so I threw those across the room... all the boxes of cake and brownies had turned to flavored dust! It'd seem like some of my colleagues have deserted the Organization, and I will not stand for such things!

Seeing how there's no one here to poke fun at my woes, I'm going to admit that without any of those fools to point me back to my garden I'm completely lost here... Tried following my nose and all that does is lead me back to the kitchen... which is beginning to smell thanks to those blasted eggs...

So I'm just kinda sitting here in what I'm going to assume from the scorch marks as Axel's room... or perhaps it's Roxas' room? GRAH!! I'M SO DANG LOST! SOMEONE COME BACK SOON!

Oh my, my, my... what's this here?

Okay, so I was roaming the halls of the castle, lost as usual er... with a firm understanding of where I was headed... yes... and I overheard some of the others talking about keeping these journals. Well, normally I have no time for such things, after all, there's a castle to run, devious plans to instate, Hair to fluff, Namine to...... AHEM.

...So naturally I went to the nearest store and picked up a journal...

This isn't so bad, I get to rant about all those little things that have been annoying me as of late, like the mysterious liquid that appears around the computer at night and makes the keyboard all sticky, or the fine grey stuff on top of the TV that Xaldin calls "dust" and tells me to clean... psh... he's surely just making that stuff up... "it's everywhere, you just can't see it!" What does he take me for anyway...

...So after I cleaned the dust off the TV I tried to find went back to my room, ignoring the various sounds on the way, and tended to my little garden. Just like every other day... Mmm.. I'm flowers are god's gift to mankind.

(OOC: OMG... The pink... it freaking BURNS!)



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